29 January 2014

Guest Writer Stephanie Richardson's insight from God about our Snowy Situation

As you read this, I pray that everyone made it home safely from there journey in the traffic and snow.  I am very thankful and grateful that God and His angels kept me as I traveled through all the mess on the highways and I was only out there for 2 hours.  I have talked to some and their trip time varied from 3hrs up to 10 hrs or more.  No matter what your time frame, I am sure you all feel like me-- very grateful and thankful that we made it through alive and we made it home safely to be with our love ones.  I know some of you were in car accidents as well but we know God still kept you and the blood covered you.  I know all of us can sit back today and reflect on God's goodness and know that things could have been worse than what they were. While at home, I felt each of you out there on your journey.  I was in constant prayer all night until around midnight. A husband of one of my friend's finally made it home at 12:30 a.m.. Adding a little humor, I was so caught up that I forgot to watch my show "The Have and Have Nots".  As I was praying, I experienced all type of emotions and my heart was grieving at times and then there would be peace, joy, and then despair. God showed me some things that I desire to share with you. I know everyone had their own experience and we all should reflect on the things that God has revealed to each of us during these snow days.

As we know on Monday the meteorologist reported snow was coming.  On Tuesday morning, we heard it again that the snow was coming. Everyone was informed that the snow was coming. People continued with their normal routines of going to work, dropping the kids off at school, etc. Some people believed the snow was coming but then some did not.  The governor said they were prepared but when we look back, were they really prepared?  God was showing me through this illustration that this is the way it is going to be when his Son Jesus comes back.  People today hear that Jesus is coming back.  They have heard this for a long time but many will not be prepared as we had a glimpse on yesterday.  People were in chaotic situations, they were scrambing trying to get in a safe place, people were upset, angry, and in uncomfortable places.  When Jesus comes back, I can imagine it will be quadrupole the chaos but it will be too late because many will be unprepared. Many have been given the time to receive and accept Christ as there Lord and Savior and some will and others will not for what ever reason. For us as believers, we may have been in all the chaos on yesterday and saw all of what was going on around us but I am sure you were able to still have peace as you called on your heavenly Father and he guided you through.  We have the power to speak peace in the midst of the Storm and we have  THE PEACE within us. God showed grace and mercy to all of us, believers and unbelievers, alike.

I also prayed for the children and teachers in the schools.  I am not a natural parent but I love the kids and I could only imagine what was going on in the minds of the parents as they attempted to get their children. I was thankful that the kids were in a safe place.  I began to pray for the teachers and children that they would come together and pray and I spoke peace in the midst of it all.  I prayed that a revival would break out in the schools while they were there and that the children would begin to be thankful to have a home to go to and realize the sacrifices of their parents and not to feel entitled but more grateful. Hopefully they all will return back to their parents safely today and be a better child, student, sibling, son, and daughter after this experience.

I also prayed that for some they received salvation right in their cars while waiting on someone to come and rescue them.  I recall this from a book I am reading now " You never know God is all you need until he is all you got".  In some of those situations on yesterday prayerfully someone called on the name of the Lord because when they looked around their money or possessions could not help them, family and friends could not help them, and God was waiting on them to call on Him and He was ready to come and dwell with them and rescue them literally and spirtually.

Lastly I would like to share this last story that took place with one of my friends who was in an accident.  Praise God her car was not damaged but she was shaken up and afraid to drive on the ice afterwards.  The fireman and police came to push her car on the side and the young lady who hit her was in her sister's car.  The police let the young lady go on after realizing my friend's car was not damaged.  I talked to my friend off and on over a few hours to encourage her because her insurance company said the tow truck could not get to her until 9 hrs.  It was already around 7:00 o'clock.  Consequently, my friend had to eventually leave her car and walk in the dark while she was tired, hungry, and needing to use bathroom.  In addition, the battery to her cell phone was barely hanging on, so I could not talk to her the entire time.  As she was walking, we were praising and talking to God .  She was telling me about all the cars she was passing that were stuck.  She even came upon the young lady who hit here nearly 3 hrs ago and she was stuck again.  It immediately hit my spirit for her to go and pray with the young lady and she did and the girl was very thankful.  Common sense would suggest that the young lady who hit her nearly 3 hours earlier, would have been further up the road; but, my friend passed her and got to her destination before the young lady. In the midst of that God showed me that truly those who have been last are  getting ready to be first.  I had to take a praise break as I pondered this one.  She text me later and let me known she made it safely.  Glory to God!

These were just a few of my awesome moments with God on yesterday that I wanted to share to encourage everyone that experienced a trial or journey on yesterday.  Everything that happens all happens for a reason and none of this caught God off guard.  We all have a story, or no someone that has a story about snow storm 2014, but in the midst of it all, we all can say God is still good and awesome and we are walking in Romans 8:28 because it is all working out for our good in the end.

I love you all and may you continue to have an awesome day in God.
Stephanie Richardson 


  1. cindy rivers1/30/2014

    Wow that really blessed me thanks for sharing. Cindy

  2. Stephanie, I saw, learned and have been speaking about the sane vision. The storm was a glance at what the Rapture will be like. The two major differences will be all of His Saints will be gone and the Holy Spirit will not be around to spread His grace. There will be chaos instead of the clam and random acts of kindness that was experienced.