03 September 2013

Our Retreat 2013 was AWESOME!!!!!


I haven't grace these typing keys on my blog in quite a while as I have been giving birth to Connection Point Church cpointchurch.com and been in busy work mode preparing for the launch on September 8, 2013 at 10:30 am at Young Middle School. 3116 Benjamin E. Mayes Drive Atlanta GA 30311.  Hope some of you can make it!!!!!!

However, I wanted to take this time to give a brief update and praise God for His mighty power. Our time together at BVM's retreat on Augusts 16 - 18 was quite refreshing, recharging and motivating.  We were able to share, make new friends, cry together, pray together and get freedom in areas of our lives. All the sessions were powerful and impacting. I loved the dreaming session that I facilitated and how we were able to sit before God and dream and get our dreams resurrected or get our ideas on paper. 

I especially loved the fact that we were able to form teams of two and become accountability sisters to encourage, motivate, push, and hold each other accountable for the action plans we wrote and must walk out.  A year from now, we will discuss how things are going and hear about the great things including the how and what dreams became a reality.  I also loved the fact that everything was spontaneous and God-led even though we had an agenda. God always wrecks our plans.  Our unplanned theme was "I GOT IT, I GOT IT"
It just seemed to flow as we were ministered to and encouraged the whole weekend and many of us got what we needed meaning we got it!!!

Other highlights included Pastor Bernita Croslin-- boy was she on point and of course Pastor Kimberely Jones Pothier allowed God to use her as well as healing flowed freely. 
It was truly an inspirational weekend and God always meets us right where we are and does above and beyond what we can think or imagine. Those who didn't make it this year, hope to see you at next year's retreat!!!!

Blessing all,
Pastor Sonia