12 February 2013

Prophetic Dream Interpreted as a Message of Encouragement

  Dream Interpreted as a Message of Encouragement

God speaks to us in various ways and I have a tendency to dream a lot about others and even about things in my life.  Quite often, I am able to interpret the dream and withdraw the message that I believe God is speaking to me or those I dream about.  Sometimes, like the king sought out Daniel, I seek a man or woman of God that I know to help me with the interpretation (usually a prophet or prophetess but the Holy Spirit can give the interpretation to whom He chooses). I realize that for some this may be a controversial topic or foreign to you but the Bible talks about dreams and interpretation of dreams throughout its text and it is definitely a biblical, valid way that God speaks.  However, sometimes it may be bad pizza or a weird dream and every dream should not always be attributed to God speaking. :>) Discernment, prayer, and godly counsel help differentiate dreams that are from God and those that are not! Additionally, if you are a dreamer, as you continue to grow in your maturity of the word and relationship with God, you (like myself and many others) will be able to determine when the dream is from God or not. Studying scriptures about dreams, writing them down, and praying for the interpretation while listening for God's still small voice ignites growth in the area of dream interpretation. Some people are dreamers and don't have a clue about their prophetic gift as well some are tormented by demonic dreams but the Bible provide answers about godly dreams as well as evil dreams. There are teachings and books available in regard to this subject. I am penning a manuscript about dreams and interpretations as God is still grooming me in this area of ministry as I do not profess to be an expert but I have studied dreams and interpretation of dreams! Also, there are many testimonies of dreams coming to pass in my life and others. Praise God!  This blog is not an full explanation on dreams, but I wanted to give a preliminary introduction about dreams before I share the prophetic dream I had Sunday night February 10, 2013!

I dreamt that I was having a breech-ed baby. Now that we have agreeably decided that no more babies are coming out of this womb in the Adams' household, I immediately knew this was a spiritual dream and not literal! (LOL)  Nevertheless, the baby was turned face-forward in my womb and the midwife and doctors were desperately trying to turn the baby in my womb. (Found out that this medical process is called an external cephalic version (ECV)).  We could see the imprint of the baby in my tummy and we persistently kept turning the baby until it was completely turned. Then, the midwife assured me that the baby was ready to deliver but the arms were a little twisted so they untwisted the arms and immediately with ease the baby came out. It was the easiest delivery that I ever had. Though this was a dream, it was so real and in comparison to delivering Solomon and Simeon-- it was a breeze! :>)

After I woke up, I knew God was speaking something and I begin to pray and ask God what did this dream mean?  I really believe this dream is speaking to me as well as others. I felt in my gut that the Lord was revealing this: "The vision (baby/seed) that He put in me has come to full term but it was breech-ed- meaning there would be a little discomfort, forcing, redirecting, and turning of this vision to get it fully into place and ready for delivery but be assured that it is TURNING AROUND!  And when it is fully into position and ready to come (with a slight adjusting of the arms coming out with praise)-- it will be the smoothest delivery ever.  Though our carrying of God's seed has been a difficult and arduous process, we have continued to carry the vision and have not aborted nor miscarried because we believe God has given us this "baby/vision/dream" and we want to carry it full term.  Presently, many of us are ready to deliver but there are still a few adjustments that need to be made.  We can see the imprint of the baby internally but it has not come forth.  BUT our midwives and physicians are helping us turn it to prepare for a smooth delivery.  Godly counsel, pastors, coaches are there cheering us on and letting us know it is TURNING, IT IS TURNING and almost ready to come". So keep believing and keep trusting that God has connected you with the right doctors who have godly prescriptions to help you bring forth LIFE AND LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY into this world. We need your vision, we need your dream because our baby can make a difference in the lives of others.  Finally, if the hands are twisted, straighten them and PRAISE will proceed your delivery. Get ready, this year your DREAM is reaching its full maturation and ready to COME FORTH!  
I am praising God and thanking Him for His encouragement and revelation.  It's time for our God-given dreams to become a reality!!!!!!

I don't want to over do it or become too spiritual but I do think there are spiritual revelations in natural things and we can take messages from the natural and transpose them spiritually.  With that being said, the link to an article below tells how the process of turning a breech baby is done. I got even more interpretation and insight reading this i.e. rocking back forth is prayer, the baby coming to a warm area (God's light), etc. You may want to read for yourself as ECV and home remedies are very interesting procedures and giving birth is not always EASY but God is ABLE! Pray this blog encourages you and your comments are welcomed-- Blessings all!  Pastor Sonia