14 June 2012

Radical Christianity: A radical shift of the mind and action!

Some will disagree with this! Not long ago, I might have been a little timid to post this because I may offend and cause people to think I am judgmental and over the top.  But our Radical Christianity Bible Study at KT is changing and transforming my mind and causing me to become more bold in my faith and stance for Christ.

American Christianity has become so comfortable in our reverence of God. God is the ALL KNOWING, ALL SEEING, SOVEREIGN, SUPREME CREATOR, SUSTAIN-ER OF ALL THINGS, JUST JUDGE, PRESERVER, UPHOLDS ALL THINGS, THE BREATH THAT WE BREATH, and the HOLY, RIGHTEOUS ONE in which American Christians (me included) many times see God as an asset to help us better our lives and we call on Him when need Him or want something from Him. We do not fear or revere Him. If we did, we wouldn't take sinning so loosely or lightly, and we would be desperate for Him no matter the cost- we would deny our-self and follow Him. 

Our culture has so indoctrinated us that we use "cheap grace" to escape the penalty of sin. Leaders, members, and the world alike will all have to come face to face with a sovereign God who will judge our hearts. If we do not become more adamant, like John the Baptist, in sharing the word of truth, praying for the Holy Spirit to bring conviction of sin, and truly repenting and turning away, we will see the fornicator, adulterer, lair, homosexual, murderer, thief, and the like go to Hell. Work out your soul salvation with fear and trembling-- we all have to! 

Once a fornicator, I felt some remorse when I enjoyed my fleshly pleasure but eventually that remorse turned to repentance and I thank God that the Holy Spirit brought enough conviction that I fell to my knees and ask for forgiveness and turned away. My life has never been the same. And now I no longer fornicate but I ask God to cleanse me and I repent of other things. God asks me to do this because He loves me and wants me to be cleansed of the bondage of sin that separates me from Him. I don't fear man who can destroy my body, but I fear God who can destroy the soul and body. 

Because of our comfortable American Christianity, we have twisted the gospel of Jesus Christ and made it a bless me, success driven, comfortable, give-me religion.  So Christians are miserable, depressed, anxious, and dissatisfied because we have yet to reach the pinnacles of worldly success.  When the red letter gospel asks us to give all and follow Him and is Jesus alone enough? Can we give up our selfish ambitions, famed desires, and surrender our lives fully that others lives may be saved? His word is challenging me. My flesh and my spirit are in a battle that my mind and heart will surrender to the will of the Father when I know my heart is torn between success, nice things, and status because it's a form of affirmation for us and satisfies our inner desire to be accepted by others. Yet still, I know I am not there but asking the Father to shift my mind not to be conformed to the world but transformed by His word that I not only read the Bible but live it and preach what I live and be willing to go and do whatever He tells me. My God, help me. 

I am a preacher of grace, love, and mercy but God has convicted me lately that while I pacify people and tantalize their flesh, do I love people enough to tell the truth that could save their soul. I am raising the bar and sharing a more balanced message! Love and judgment-- my life and others eternal destination is my driving force. The world has so, so, so, many problems and evil and all are a result of sin and until we are bold enough to pray for the power of God to come and convict people of their sin and their need for a Savior-- evil, disease, selfish ambition, power, racism, sexual perversion will continue to dominate the earth. Radical Christianity-- enough said!