29 August 2011

Our Testimonies from the Blossoming Vines Retreat

The retreat was awesome.  I don't want to write about it, but I want you to write about it.  Share your testimonies and all that you gleaned and that will tell the story right here on our blog!!!!!!!!!

Love you all,
Pastor Sonia

13 August 2011

What do you do when what you believe and truly have faith for does not happen?

Last month, I wrote about delay is not denial and then today 8/12/2011 something that I was believing God for did not come to pass.  Blossoming Vines Ministries was a finalist in the running for  fellow (a small grant).  We were so close yet regrettably we did not receive the grant.  I must admit, I was greatly disappointed.  We worked hard to write this grant and the ladies of BVM and I believed that we would get this fellow but it did not happen.

So what do you do when what you believe and truly have faith for does not happen?  Not only were you praying but others were praying with you and it was spoken several times that you would receive it, it's yours, and I have no doubt that God is going to do it.  Your expectancy, your faith, your hope, and your joy is so high that you can't wait to receive this blessing because you know that it will be such a benefit to the cause you are passionate about or maybe it's a great need that you have.  BUT WHAT YOU HOPED FOR, BELIEVED AND KNEW WAS YOURS DOES NOT MANIFEST. And for some of us, this happens over and over again.  Unfulfilled desires not manifesting in the way and time we desire it to. It we would have gotten it, we would have said "God is good, He is so faithful, and How I love Him!"  Now that we did not get it.  We still must say, "God is good, He is so faithful"-- we must praise even in the disappointment or valley because He is good no matter what!

You have one of two choices.  First, you can run to a place and begin to have a pity-party or second, you can choose to learn from the experience and realize that just maybe this was not the door that you were suppose to go through.  Especially, when you know that you have done all you know to do and did your very best and believed.  Therefore, you must know that God has another door or you may need to build your capacity to a greater degree to prepare and be ready for the blessing that may come later.

I had to apply this principle to my life and my experience of not getting the grant.  I realized that maybe just maybe, I did not have the full capacity necessary to receive this grant and also realize that though this door closed, God certainly has another door.  Though I shedded a couple of tears and felt rejected, dejected and little sad, I soon had to move from that posture and say: "okay God I am getting into your face in my prayer closet to listen to your next instruction and trust you for you are my source and where you have given vision, I trust you will give the provision".

After saying this, it must become a reality and thus a reality in my life.  I received my unfavorable news regarding the grant the day I was attending Willow Creek's Leadership Summit.  At that summit, I was moved by so many great leaders from around the world who shared their stories of triumph and failure and how they overcame odds, took risks, kept trudging amidst opposition.  When I saw their stories, I determined in my heart that though I did not receive what I desired, I have to trust God with all that is within me that He will make a way and He will lead me to a place that will provide that which I need to do His will. These things shall be added as I seek Him first.  He must have another flow or door that He desires us to walk through in this season of the ministry!

I ended my prayer that day: "I'm Yours, help me to do your will".

May you also say to God: I am Yours, help me do your will!!

Blessings and love you all,
Pastor Sonia