18 July 2011

Delay is not Denial

For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.

     You want be in a holding pattern much longer and manifestations of promises will come forth before the year 2011 ends.

     A couple of weeks ago, I was traveling from Los Angeles CA and I had a layover with my connecting flight back to Atlanta GA.  I was anxious about returning home because I had something that I needed to do, but my 7 am flight was delayed due to mechanical problems. We were initially told that the flight was rescheduled for 8:20 am and that was okay as I still would make good time.  However 8:20 am turned into 9:20 and then 11:20 and then at 12, we boarded the plane and thought we were ready to go, but a flight attendant made an announcement that everyone needed to get off the plane and take our luggage with us because the plane was not ready.

     Needless to say, we all were furious, tired, and disappointed.  They continued to work on the mechanical issue and by 2:30 pm, we finally boarded the plane again and took off and arrived in Atlanta by 4:00 pm. Then we were told we would be in a holding pattern for another 20 minutes because of a storm.  So the plane circled in the air for 20 minutes then landed.  It was one of the smoothest flights I ever had, although it was delayed and flew within a holding pattern.

     After dealing with my frustration, I begin to see the spiritual lesson that God desired to teach me through this natural experience.  It was an object lesson that I needed to learn and hear the message that God was speaking to me.

      Many times we believe that God will take us safely to a final destiny or (destination).  We have seen this place, dreamt of it, and feel confident that we will get there and desire to do so.  However, many times our process and the time period between our desired destiny and us getting there can make us frustrated.  What we think should take a few years may take many, many years.  During this delay we wonder “what is going on?”

     Well, the delay is purposeful and God uses time to fix the mechanical things that are out of order in our life and it takes time for this to happen.  He is sharpening us, purging us, cleansing us, training us, and testing us so we will have a safe smooth journey and get to our destination prepared.

     Right before we get there and fully walk in our purpose and destiny, there is sometimes a short holding pattern to tweak or fine-tune or make some final adjustments before being fully released.  I believe that this is the hour we are in within the church both corporately and individually.

     We have been delayed but not denied because God has been preparing us for the destiny that shall burst forth.  In this very hour (2011), we are in a momentary holding pattern as He makes the final adjustments, but it shall not tarry much longer.  At the appointed time, surely it shall happen.

Those who have been faithful, purged, and ready-- GOD’S PROMISES SHALL OVER TAKE YOU BEFORE THIS YEAR ENDS!